BRISTELL   B23-100

The BRISTELL B23-100 is an all metal Two-Seater designed for Basic/Advanced Flight Training and as well for comfortable private cross-country flights.  It has an elegant design and is perfectly manufactured.


The B23 was developed and designed with lots of experience with the BRISTELL Classic. It is certified in acc. To EASA CS23 and FAR23 for a maximum take-off weight of 750 kg. The useful load of 310 kg is plenty for two pilots, fuel and baggage.


In standard configuration a Rotax 912S3 (100HP) engine, a Mühlbauer 3-Blade-Constant-Speed-Propeller, a BRS Parachute System and Garmin G3X Avionic for Night VFR is installed.


Avionic VFR-Night:

L 3 ESI-500 Next Generation Electronic Standby Instrument System

Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM

Garmin G3X Glass Cockpit with two 10,6 Inch Screens

Garmin GTX 345R Mode S Transponder with ADS-B

Garmin GMC 305 Autopilot


Avionic IFR:

Garmin G500TXi Glass Cockpit mit zwei 10,6 Zoll Bildschirmen


Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM

Garmin GTX 345R Mode S Transponder with ADS-B

Garmin GI 275 Attitude Indicator

Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot

Bendix/King KN63 DME



Technical Data:

Wingspan                                                                                                   9,13 m

Length                                                                                                         6,45 m

Cabin Width                                                                                                1,30 m

Empty Weight                                                                                              435 kg

MTOW                                                                                                           750 kg

Fuel Capacity                                                                                               120 Liter

Service Ceiling                                                                                             14.000 ft

Cruise Speed at 75% appr.                                                                        110 kts

Range at 65% and 30 min reserve appr.                                                 1200 km (665 NM)






All specs are subject to change by the manufacturer