BRISTELL   B23-915       Seit 13.01.2022 nach EASA-CS23 zugelassen

The BRISTELL B23-141 is an all metal Two-Seater designed for comfortable and fast

cross-country flights under VFR or IFR.  It has an elegant design and is perfectly manufactured.


The B23-141 is certified in acc. to EASA CS23 and FAR23 for a maximum take-off weight of 750 kg. The useful load of 300 kg is plenty for two pilots, fuel and baggage.


In performance configuration a Rotax 915iS (141HP) engine, a Mühlbauer 3-Blade-Constant-Speed-Propeller, a BRS Parachute System and Garmin G3X Avionic for Night VFR is installed.

Starting in Autumn 2021 the Bristell B23-141 can be delivered with IFR Avionic as well.


Avionic VFR-Night:

L 3 ESI-500 Next Generation Electronic Standby Instrument System

Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM

Garmin G3X Glass Cockpit with two 10,6 Inch Screens

Garmin GTX 345R Mode S Transponder with ADS-B

Garmin GMC 305 Autopilot


Avionic IFR:

Garmin G500TXi Glass Cockpit mit zwei 10,6 Zoll Bildschirmen


Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM

Garmin GTX 345R Mode S Transponder with ADS-B

Garmin GI 275 Attitude Indicator

Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot

Bendix/King KN63 DME



Technical Data:

Wingspan                                                                                                      9,13 m

Length                                                                                                          6,45 m

Cabin Width                                                                                                 1,30 m

Empty Weight                                                                                              435 kg

MTOW                                                                                                           750 kg

Fuel Capacity                                                                                              120 Liter

Service Ceiling                                                                                            19.000 ft

Cruise Speed (TAS) at 75% in 5.000 ft appr.                                            130 kts

Cruise Speed (TAS) at 85% in 10.000 ft appr.                                          150 kts

Range at 65% and 30 min reserve appr.                                                 1200 km (665 NM)



All specs are subject to change by the manufacturer