Since the company was founded in 1991 Evektor is involved in aircraft design and development. Evektor participated on several Czech and International Aviation Projects.

In 1996 Evektor started with the design of own aircraft, like the VUT Cobra, a high performance single engine aircraft with retractable gear and the EV-97 EuroStar a metal construction ultralight airplane.

Meanwhile more than 1200 units of the EuroStar had been built, sold and delivered worldwide.
In 2005 Evektor received the FAA-Certification for the SportStar MAX in the US-LSA category as the first aircraft worldwide and in 2012 the SportStar RTC received certification in the new EASA CS-LSA category, now usable for Private Pilot Training in accordance to ICAO-Standards.

The latest project of Evektor is the EV-55 Outback, a twin engine turboprop commuter for 9 to 14 passengers.

Further information about Evektor you will find on: www.evektor-aircraft.cz